Friday, April 22, 2011

Lord Cecil Büttasse Milkbottom

Avast ye, I'm Lord Cecil Büttasse Milkbottom. I enjoy being made into a swishkabob by swarthy Portugese sailors, I also like Calgon baths (if you know what I mean), peg legs and vacant glass eye sockets.

My biggest turnoffs include workng beneath decks, mismatched flatware, splintery half-masts (you know who you are) and peg legs (ouch).

My ideal first date: Bilge sucking. 

Favorite food: Those Cheddar Biscuits at Red Lobster.

If you happen to be a Portugese sailor with a glass eye, and in need of a bilge sucking, give me a ringy dingy.  Just e-mail use subject line "Lord Cecil Büttasse Milkbottom".  

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